Automation and Control

Beyond PLC programming…



Automation and Control of Processes

We design and start up control systems based on PLCs adapting ourselves to the client’s needs and integrate them with other existing systems in the plant.

ANANTA USA’s Automation Services, start with the understanding of the client’s needs to fulfil these in a Project that gathers what is to be implemented; from modifying an existing installation to the design and setup a Distributed Control System (DCS).  We have a team of engineers that provide automation solutions to improve or install control systems in an effective and safe manner.

Our Automation Services include:

• Design and manufacturing of MCC control panels
• HMI and PLC programming
• Implantation of Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
• Start up and testing
• Training client to operate the system
• Maintenance and technical assistance

 Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

Supervision and control of industries in a centralized manner and in real time.

Industrial Control Systems:

The incorporation of industrial control systems in the plant may aid a more efficient production and maintain a high quality standard of all products. Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are essential to accomplish cost, quantity and quality objectives.


Our philosophy is to maximize what technology can provide to improve industrial processes for our clients.

Our services include:

• Design of communication systems
• Instalation of remote supervisión and control systems
• SCADA System implantation
• Measures to protect ICS
• Implantation of Industrial Security Systems

Business Intelligence (BI)


Manage and Optimize the industrial process. Change field data into usedul information for your business…

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) integration with TI Systems

The way to extract all the value in an automation investment is to interconnect the obtained data in the industrial operations with corporate applications. The objective is to deliver all interesting data that is managed in the industrial process control room. This way we manage to take decisions based on real and updated data, minimizing risk and increasing value.



Our services include:

• Control Room Management
• Development of SCADA aplications
• Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Orientation and management of manufacturing processes
• Integration of MES systems with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs)
• Integradtion of databases in real time with applications or corporate systems
• Business Intelligence solutions to set in context, exploit and disseminate information
• Cloud Computing
• Industrial Security Systems. Minimize transaction risk between industrial and corporate areas.