Process Lines

lineas-de-proceso-ananta-usaProducts and Services offered:

• Design, and manufacturing and implemention of Industrial Processes
• Consulting Services and Technical Assistance in Process Engineering

Relevant Projects:

• Pomace Recovery Line
• Water Treatment Plants
• Tomato Fiber Line

Pomace Recovery Line

The Pomace Recovery Line is a method and System to recover pomace and added value products in agricultural products that are industrially processed and subjected to refining stages through centrifugal extractors or finishers.

This patented system has applications in industrially processed products (tomato, carrot, pumpkin…); Mediterranean fruits (apple, pear, peach, apricot…) and tropical fruit (mango, pineapple, guava…).

Over 50% of the pomace is redirected to the process; forming part of the product and fulfilling with its specifications.  Very low payback periods.

Water Treatment Plants


Design, Installation and Start-up of Water Treatment Plants

Sequential Biological Reactor (SBR); Biological treatment line with active sludge in oxidation process; Energy Efficient Process; Reduction of BOD and TSS levels to those for discharge and reuse of water.